Microblading is a semi- permanent form of cosmetic tattooing, using a manual hand tool, creating a pattern of hair like strokes mimicking your brows natural growth pattern, while simultaneously implanting pigment. This is a Very natural-no makeup look once healed and works better for brows with more hair and non oily skin types.

Combo Brows


Get the best of both! Microblading + Shading, our most popular option! Great for almost all skin types and will give longer lasting results than Microblading alone.

Ombre Powder Brow


Not your old school tattoo! This new and improved technique allows for soft and natural looking brows. For this method a machine is used with a fine, single needle to create a fuller, powdered in look (no strokes). Ombre Powder brows do last longer than Microblading and is more gentle on the skin. This technique is perfect for all skin types. Wake up with makeup!


Initial $400 (does NOT include 6wk touch up)

6week/ touch up $50

6month/ touch up $125

Annual touch up $275

*if you have work done by another artist prices will vary, please call /text/or email for consult

*FREE consultations are available

*For more questions please see our FAQ page